Workshops in the Sahara with Moroccan Desert Retreats

Hold your next workshop in the sahara

You coach people, teach meditation or hold team building events and want to try something new?

How about holding your next workshop/retreat in the desert of Morocco?

The desert provides the perfect surroundings for coachings and retreats. It is a new environment for everyone. Not your typical hotel meeting room or your office. A clean slate, a chance to be a new person.

The silence forces you to be mindful, to pay attention to yourself as well as your surroundings. Your clients will be challenged by the desert in many ways. They will have the chance to confront themselves with their deepest thoughts and feelings.

Psychologically challenged by the silence and the emptiness forcing them to listen to themselves. Quite a few people get overwhelmed with their emotions when they spend some time in the desert.

Physically challenged by the heat during the day, the cold at night, the sand that gets everywhere.
It is a challenging, but ultimately rewarding environment.

Nobody leaves the desert unchanged.

We will be your logistics partner in this endeavour taking care of everything from airport pick-ups, food and accomodation to picking the locations for your event.

We can also help make your vision come to life with our experience out here in the desert, be it finding the right luxury hotel or camp or managing a pop-up camp in the remote parts of the Sahara, if you are looking for a more challenging environment.