Art retreats with Moroccan Desert Retreats

Host your art retreat in Morocco

We are looking to partner with art teachers from all around the world, who want to host art retreats in Morocco, maybe even in the Sahara desert.

Why should you come to the desert?

The desert, especially the Sahara, has always had a mystical flair. You go into the desert to find yourself. It is the perfect place to practice mindfulness as there is nothing around to distract your thoughts. At the same time, its beauty inspires creativity.

So the Sahara is the perfect place for an art retreat!

Whether you want this to happen in a stationary luxury camp or a pop-up camp in the more remote parts of the desert, we can make it happen! Of course it is also possible to host this in a hotel with a nice roof-top terrace and a pool, if this is what you are looking for.

Get in touch, so we can start planning YOUR retreat!

We will provide everything from airport pick-up, transfers and food to guides and camel rides.

Together we will design the perfect itinerary for your vision, whether it includes a round-trip tour around Morocco or just the event in the desert itself.

Or, we can of course also set you up in any other part of the country, just be aware, you’re missing out on the best part of Morocco then!